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Yoo Jian by Kim Bosung for Grazia Korea Dec 2013


Yoo Jian by Kim Bosung for Grazia Korea Dec 2013

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"In terms of the Breaking Bad narrative arc, Walt’s most unforgivable sins are the occasions when he has taken advantage of Jesse and used him for his own purposes. By scheming to distance Jesse from anyone else who might command his loyalty or love, Walt has made sure that his young protégé remains a tool that only he can wield. By asking him to kill Gale, by making him think he’s responsible for Brock’s illness, by failing to deliver again and again on assurances that nobody will get hurt, Walt has dealt blow after blow of betrayal to Jesse’s psyche, injuries that only someone you trust can inflict. Jesse lost the last shred of that trust when he pieced together the ricin cigarette gambit. And ironically, at the same time, everyone else who might stand up for Jesse turns away to their own selfish motives, and only Walt is left defending him." (x)

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Arial shot of leopard sharks in La Jolla

[x][x] by Birch Aquarium at Scripps

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